Benefits of clove oil

cloves oil

Like other natural medicines clove oil or the oil of clove is found from a plant that has its origin in Maluku Islands in Indonesia. Clove plant is an herb that is also widely cultivated in Asia and South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and also in the African continent in Tanzania.

Clove oil can be bought in the medicine stores as an over-the-counter (OTC) natural herbal remedy for curing tooth aches.

About more than 85% of the powerful taste of this herb and its oil is imparted by the chemical known as Eugenol. The taste of cloves is also used for the purpose of gastronomic delights in several counties in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Here are some of the most essential health benefits found from this oil.

Dental usage

Due to its germicidal properties clove oil has been used over the ages as a homemade remedy for dental care. Clove oil often used in making toothpaste and mouth wash products. This oil is extremely effective in alleviating dental pains, cure mouth ulcers and free us from sore gums and tooth aches.

For removing Bad breath

Clove oil has been used since along for removing bad breaths as well as cure us when someone is suffering from throat pain. Gargling twice in a day with a few drops of clove oil in a cup filled with warm water, often makes us find relief from viral infected sour throats.

Cure Infections

Clove oil is a very popular remedy in the treatment of minor cuts, wounds, fungal infections, athlete’s foot and prickly heat. Widely accepted for its antiseptic properties clove oil is also used for curing nettle strings and insect bites. It is always best to dilute the clove oil by adding carrier oils like almond or coconut oil which enhances the medicinal effects.

It’s good for our skin

Clove oil is an effective cure for acne problems as the chemical present in clove known as Eugenol is an extremely active antibacterial agent. Using clove oil on our face can clear cystic acne and reduce swelling by killing the infection effectively.

By adding a few (2-3) drops of clove oil in our skin care cream, we can apply this wonderful home remedy for treating persistent teenage acne issues.

Acts as a stress reliever

It may be a known fact for many, who knows how people living in India traditionally used to indulge in special clove oil message that is popular for relieving stress and pain from the body. The aphrodisiac quality of the chemical Eugenol, acts as the stress buster during this massage therapy. It has even been clinically established that Eugenol that is present in clove oil helps in reducing fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety and tensions as it helps in relaxing the neurosensory tissues in us that relaxes the mind.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits clove oil is also extremely effective in curing headaches, healing respiratory problems and cure earaches. Clove oil is even good for relieving flatulency and indigestion when it is added as part of the culinary recipes, and is an important spice used for preparing Indian dishes.

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