Benefits Of Citric Acid

Benefits of Citric Acid

This organic acid is found in the nutrition industry as well as the manufacturing industry. It is an active player in lots of things we use on a daily basis and benefits our health in general. This is because it has restorative powers that help cure belching, bloating and heartburn. Listed below are more benefits of citric acid.

1. Aids digestion
Since it is alleged to have restorative powers, citric acid has excellent restorative powers that treat an array of digestive disorders. Drinking lemon water regularly is therefore a surefire way to cure belching, bloating and heartburn. As mentioned earlier on lemon juice has a high concentration of citric acid that aids digestion as well as improving bowel movements to prevent constipation.

2. Assists in food preservation
Citric acid also acts as a food preservative and it used on canned vegetable and meat to extend their shell life. Since it acts as a preservative, citric acid aids the breakdown of bacteria in food thus prolong their shell life.

3. Health benefits
Eat lime juice and lemon alongside other fruits like grapes and oranges to improve your overall health. Citric acid is effective in the treatment of kidney stones as it affect citric balance in the urine. Since accumulation of citric acid in the body increase the chances of kidney stones drinking lemon can help prevent them from growing.

4. Softens water
Citric acid is also a popular water softener by creating bonds between molecules which makes it excellent for soap making. The use of citric acid alongside the manufacture of washing detergents can break hard water to produce foam.

5. Wine production
Citric acid has wide industrial application as it is added to grapes to lower their acidity level. However, this technique is only used on small scale in the manufacture of cheap wines.

The only disadvantage of adding citric acid to wine is that it has microbial instability.

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