Benefits of Cimetidine

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Benefits of Cimetidine

Cimetidine is the medicine for treating intestine and stomach ulcers, preventing them from returning once they have been cured. This drug is also utilized for treating certain throat and stomach issues caused by excessive stomach acid. More Cimetidine benefits are shown below.

1. Relieves stomach problems

When there is lots of acid inside the stomach, it can cause several health issues. Reducing the additional stomach acid may assists to alleviate various symptoms like heartburn, stomach pain, persistent cough, difficulty swallowing and also insomnia. Cimetidine offers all these benefits and it can even prevent serious damage caused by excess acid to the digestive system.

2. Helps fight cancer

There are numerous studies that show the effectiveness of Cimetidine against cancer. Even though scientists at first thought ‘ that this drug worked through improving immune function, they later found out that Cimetidine works to stop metastasis and inhibit tumor growth. Furthermore, Cimetidine is highly effective for prolonging the survival rates of people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

3. Immune system modulation

Histamine has numerous roles within the body, regulating physiological functions, acting like a neurotransmitter and also aiding in allergic responses. The release of histamine also has an effect of immune system suppression. Most cancers, especially breast and colorectal tumors promote histamine secretion. However, Cimetidine helps to reduce suppression of the immune system that is caused by enhanced levels of histamine. Administering this drug enables the patient’s immune system so as to mount an effective response and likely remove the tumor.

4. Treats hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that affects numerous people around the world. In this scenario, Cimetidine can also be used for alleviating the hair loss problem. This is because it acts like an anti-androgen drug, thus promoting hair growth.

Take this drug as directed so as to ensure you receive these benefits and many more.

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