Benefits Of Chromium Supplements

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Benefits of Chromium Supplements

Chromium is an essential trace mineral required for proper metabolic functions in the body. Unlike other trace minerals, chromium plays a vital role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. For this reason, diet ary supplementation is necessary for those who lack adequate amounts of chromium in their daily nutritional plan.

1. Carbohydrate synthesis
As mentioned earlier chromium supplements help the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats to provide energy required for other bodily functions. In other words, cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis helps improve brain function and activates enzymes needed to power chemical reactions in the body.

2. Enhances glucose intolerance
Besides aiding carbohydrate synthesis, chromium also enhances glucose tolerance – a common ailment among patients with Turner’s syndrome. Chromium supplementation is therefore important in metabolism of insulin, breaking down proteins and fats in patients with high blood sugar.

3. Treats depression
Chromium supplements can also relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression in individuals with chronic depression. Moreover, regular dietary supplementation is believed to improve immune function but studies are ongoing to determine whether this theory has any scientific backing.

4. Weight loss
Seeking to shed a few pounds? Well, there is no need of depriving your body of essential nutrients by dieting. Chromium supplements can help in suppressing appetite, thereby aid in weight loss with no side effects whatsoever.

5. Prevents hypertension
Recent studies show that chromium supplements can also prevent the onset of hypertension when taken in moderate amounts. Additionally, it can control fat levels in the bloodstream thus reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

While no side effect has been reported after taking chromium supplements, you should moderate your intake to avert the onset of adverse effects. Chromium deficiency, on the other hands can cause mood swings as a result of unbalanced glucose levels. In a nutshell, intake of chromium supplements can stimulate glucose uptake in the body.

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