Benefits of Choline

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Choline is one of the latest nutrients that has been added to the list of vitamins needed for health and wellbeing of human beings. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) added chorine to their list of required nutrients in 1998. While NAS doesn’t approve of recognizing chlorine as a Vitamin which specifically belongs to the Vitamin B-complex family, nevertheless it officially recognizes this chemical as a required nutrient that must be added in our regular meals.

During the past, it was believed that human body produces enough chlorine within us to meet our need for this essential substance which aids in the structural integrity and signaling roles for our cellular membrane. But more recent studies on chlorine has however demonstrated that we also need chorine supplements at times to keep our bodies running well.

Most common signs of chlorine deficiency in our body are hemorrhagic kidney necrosis and fatty liver diseases.

It has been observed that people who drinks a lot of alcohol and also endurance athletes may be at a risk of chlorine deficiency and so may benefit from chlorine supplements.
There has been a study done on this chemical in the US, which shows that premenstrual women are less sensitive to chorine deficiency in their body than men and post-menstrual women.

Here are some of the most essential health benefits of chlorine.

Helps in methylation

Although foliates and its partners such as Vitamin B12 and B6 are the most important nutrients that are needed for methylation. However, when foliates are not available in sufficient amount to assure adequate methylation, chlorine can provide its assistance to make the methylation continue, as methylation is a process of life, without which no cellular organism can survive in this planet.

Methylation helps in building DNA, detoxify the liver and exchange signals inside our brain and others.

Helps in producing phosphatidylcholine

Chlorine is one of the most essential nutrient that helps in the production of phosphatidylcholine. The phosphatidylcholine, is one of the most vital structural building block of all living cells, as its soap like property helps in keeping the cell membranes fluid but again mostly impermeable.

It can be noted over here that in most of the choline rich diets phosphatidylcholine is one of the most common form of choline provided by these foods.

Helps in producing the CNS chemical acetylcholine

Chlorine is the basic nutrient that is needed for activating the neurotransmitters or our nervous system molecules known as acetylcholine. It has been clinically observed that acetylcholine helps in signaling the part of our CNS that keeps our heart running or even keep our intestines moving and function in a normal way.

Helps in brain development of infants and fetus

Researches have shown that pregnant mothers who does not have enough protein in their diets often gives birth to babies those who have less brain development and so poor memories.

Prevent ageing related memory loss

In a recent study done in one of institutes of neurosciences in Vienna, it has been found that adequate amount of chlorine in our body helps in thwarting ageing related memory loss. It has also shown that this chemical aids in preventing cognitive decline.

The best foods that contains high quantity of chlorine are raw beef liver, large hardboiled egg, Spinach, Soybeans, Peanuts, Almonds, Cruciferous vegetables and others.

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    September 23, 2016 2:27 am

    In section “Benefits of Choline” the author has reverted to naming nutrient as “chlorine” instead of choline. I hope some readers don’t take it literally and start to use some of their pool supplies as supplements (this meant as partial jest!).

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