Benefits of Chloride

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Benefits of Chloride

Most of us only know chloride due to the fact that it is a part of sodium chloride, which is commonly called table salt. It is not really a popular mineral and not much has been written about it in health publications. However, it is very vital to your general health. Since our bodies like being PH neutral, the work of chloride is achieve this through reducing the levels of acid and alkaline.

1. Improves physical health

Chloride offers several features for enhancing physical health in a highly dynamic manner. The optimal electrolyte balance is vital for accelerating physical fitness. Alkaline levels should also be controlled since too much alkaline usually lowers stamina levels and boosts physical discomfort and also obstructs the systematic muscle functionality. Chloride therefore acts like a neutralizing agent and balances electrolyte and alkaline levels to improve physical health.

2. Enhances metabolism

Once food has broken down into fluid, the chloride is sucked into the intestines to ensure better metabolism. Furthermore, chloride also assists the liver during the cleansing process. Hence, chloride helps the liver to effectively remove waste products from the body.

3. Promotes digestion

Chloride is present in the stomach, where it appears as hydrochloric acid. It helps the body to digest food effectively through breaking the food products down into a smaller form that small intestines can easily absorb. Besides from simply speeding up the process of digestion by splitting food into smaller pieces, chloride also strengthens the overall digestive system.

You can obtain chloride from most processed foods like canned vegetables, olives and ketchup. Chloride is in plenty in processed products due to the preservatives used to ensure that the foods remain fresh. It is suggested that you only consume 750 mg of chloride per day since it is needed by the body.

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