Benefits of chicken soup

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Chicken soup is a common favorite meal for many people around the world. ‘ Some people prefer to have them at breakfast time while other people love to have this meal during cold nights and lazy days. ‘ Whatever the reason is, chicken soup is not only delicious but also provides various benefits including the following:

1. ‘ Helps people with cough and colds

Many people consider chicken soup as the best meal for people who may be a little sick. ‘ Children who are affected with the common cold for example may be given chicken soup to help ease the mucus build up in the nasal passages. ‘ The warm soup literally elevates the body’s temperature and the cysteine content of the soup will also help loosen some secretions in the nasal pathway.

2. ‘ Helps people feel better

The warm soup will also give some emotional and psychological lift to people. ‘ Chicken soup is sometime’s considered as a comfort food when one is feeling ill or simply feeling sad or down. ‘ The warmth and the simple taste of chicken soup can literally make a person feel better not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally.

3. Boost muscle health

Chicken is a good source of protein which is essential for the body’s optimum functioning. ‘ By having chicken soup regularly, people will have enough protein to help muscle build-up and development.

4. Provide other nutrients

Traditional chicken soup includes other ingredients like carrots and onions among many others. ‘ With these additional ingredients, people can also expect more nutrients from the soup. ‘ Carrots for example are a good source of beta-carotene and Vitamin A which are good for the eyes. ‘ Onions meanwhile are also rich in anti-oxidants that help in toxin elimination.

Chicken soup continues to become a popular meal among children and adults because it not only provides a delicious treat but is also packed with various health benefits.

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