Benefits Of Chai Tea

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hot-teaBenefits Of Chai tea

Chai, is the classical Indian beverage and has been used since centuries. In tautological sense, tea or chai is known as chai tea. People in Asia or especially India are known to have a better and stronger immune system as compared to people of other places. This can be attributed to the early morning intake of chai tea. Chai tea, is made by mixing black tea with a definite amount of certain spices and herbs. According to both Chinese Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda chai tea offers numerous benefits to tit users. These benefits are due to the various kinds of spices present in it and include:

1.Benefits of cinnamon.
The presence of cinnamon helps to increase blood circulation and open up breathing. It also helps to increase vitality and awareness, and reduce fatigue. Cinnamon is also supposed to be an aphrodisiac and aids in arousing sexual drive.

2.Benefits of cardamom.
Cardamom is a popular spice in both Chinese and Indian preparations. It is said to benefit the kidneys, lungs, and the heart and also acts as a mood elevator.

3.Benefits of clove.
Clove is a native spice form the islands of Indonesia and was used by Chinese since 300 BC. They first came to Europe in fourth and fifth centuries AD. Cloves have antiseptic and pain-relieving properties attributes and just like ginger and pepper, clove is used to increase the effectiveness of other herbal blends.

4.Benefits of black pepper.
Black pepper is widely used for supporting blood circulation and body metabolism. It also helps to alleviate and ease chronic coldness and is thus used in winters.

5.Benefits of nutmeg.
Nutmeg has been in use for centuries to alleviate pain due to sciatica. It also promotes the digestion of heavy and fatty foods. It was earlier used by Arabian physicians for treating problems of kidney and lymph.

6.Chinese Star Anise
Traditional Asian herbalists recognize Chinese star anise with a numerous properties. It is quite frequently used as a remedy for cough and to freshen up bad breath.

7.Benefits of ginger.
Ginger has long been valued as a stimulant and tonic for improving the blood circulatory system and the immune system of the body. It has been used for the treatment of disparate conditions like motion sickness and impotence.

8.Benefits of fennel.
Fennel was found as a chief medicinal plant in royal herb gardens of France and Germany in the medieval period. Fennel is still extensively used for the treatment of kidney problems, ocular problems, and laryngitis.
Chai tea is a mixture of all the above ingredients and so it is the perfect drink to keep healthy and fit.

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