Benefits Of Cause and Effect Diagram

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Benefits of Cause and Effect Diagram

The cause and effect diagram is used for identifying all likely causes for one event so as to enhance quality. It is hard to solve complex problems without first considering many aspects and also the cause and effect connections between those aspects. The cause and effect diagram helps to define and display those relationships, providing these benefits as a result;

1. Identifies underlying causes
The CE diagram is the best tool to use if you want to discover all potential causes for producing a certain effect. Normally the effect that is being examined is troublesome and it interrupts service or product quality. Some of these underlying causes include delivery times fluctuating too widely, high team failure rates and also machined parts that do not meet specifications.

2. Offers greater understanding
The major notion behind the cause and effect diagram is to offer a better understanding of a certain problem though listing an inclusive list of potential causes. This diagram can result in instant identification of key causes and thus point to possible remedial actions. It might show the best places for more exploration and examination.

3. Promotes teamwork
The cause and effect diagram promotes group participation within the business, particularly during determining the problems or effects to be examined. It utilizes the group understanding of the problems when brainstorming sessions are conducted. The diagram also has a simple to read set-up that will assist people to contribute where they feel they are proficient in.

4. Cost effective
Since the CE diagram aids on focusing only on the main causes of a certain issue, it ensures quick remedial actions are taken. Fast problem resolution saves money and prevents people from resorting to irrelevant discussions and complaints.

The limitation linked to the cause and effect diagram is that it is not especially beneficial for complex problems that might have many causes.

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