Benefits of catnip

Benefits of catnip

Catnip or nepeta is a flowering plant that belongs to the mint family. ‘ This particular plant is used as an herbal medicine and is also referred to as “cat mint” since it affects the cat’s senses when smelled. Catnips are said to be native to Europe but has been transported and grown in other countries as well. The flowers of the catnip plant are the ones typically used for its medicinal benefits, but the leaves and roots are also said to provide medicinal value. ‘ The following are the therapeutic benefits of catnip:

1. Soothing effect

Catnips are aromatic plants that contain the substance nepetalactone which is said to provide a calming effect. ‘ Along with other substances and essential oils, the nepetalactone content in catnips make them useful as massage oils. ‘ People who are always anxious for example may also benefit from catnips in the form of tea or other forms of beverage. ‘ The calming effect of catnip also benefits people who have trouble getting to sleep. ‘ Children with ADHD are also given catnip tea to make them calmer in everyday situations.

2. Healing effect

The flowers of the catnip plant that are mixed with drinking tea may also relieve various ailments including problems in the gastro-intestinal tract. ‘ People with stomach cramping and those suffering from colic may be relieved after drinking catnip tea for example.

3. Bug Repellant

The strong aroma of catnip also makes it a good bug repellant. ‘ Mosquitoes and other insects are said to stay away from the smell of catnip leaves and flowers. ‘ The nepetalactone content is the substance responsible for the strong aroma of catnip and it is widely used in various insect repellant products.

Catnips have been used for centuries and is considered part of traditional medicine. ‘ Its medicinal and therapeutic use continues up to today because it is highly effective as mild sedative and bug repellant.

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