Benefits of cannabis

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No plant in this planet has been more condemned than Cannabis. Although there has been no evidences of people dying of marijuana overdose, still cannabis is designated as an illegal plant in several places around the world.

However, cannabis has been found to alleviate pain, supress cancer, reduce blood pressure and even inhibit HIV.

Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective antioxidant, benefits of which are listed below:

Cures nausea and vomiting

It has been observed over ages that cannabis has often been used for suppressing nausea. According to some of the recent investigations done on this drug, it has been seen that cannabinoids in low doses improves the efficacy of several antiemetic drugs when it is administered in combination with the drug to alleviates nausea and vomiting.

Cures Cachexia and Anorexia

It has been found that TCH which is an active ingredient in cannabis helps in stimulating appetite in patients suffering from chronic and terminal diseases. Per say a positive influence on body weight has been registered in several patients after clinical administration of medical grade marijuana who previously refused food owing to their illnesses.

Cures seizures

Cannabis is a muscular relaxant and so it has anti-spasmodic qualities which has proved to be extremely effective for the treatment of seizures since ancient times. Countless people suffering from seizures have been able to function better through the use of cannabis.

Helps in treatment of glaucoma

Use of cannabis for the treatment of glaucoma is one of the best documented benefits of this plant. There is not even one single valid study that can disapprove of cannabis’s popular effect on glaucoma patients all across the world.

Cure Migraines

Since ages doctors in several places around the world where marijuana is still legal have used cannabis to treat countless patients suffering from migraines, which conventional medicines couldn’t cure in spite of all miraculous developments in modern medical science.

Alleviates Asthma

There has been several studies done in 1970s, which examined the anti-asthmatic effects of cannabis or TCH. It has been clinically reported that medicated use of cannabis mimics the therapeutic doses of common bronchodilators such as Isoprenaline and Salbutamol. It has been tested and confirmed that very few patients develop bronchoconstriction after clinical intake of TCH.

Helps in reducing dependency and withdrawal

In a modern case study, it has been found that cannabis is an extremely good remedy in fighting dependency on opiates, alcohol and drugs like benzodiazepines. Intake of TCH or cannabis helps in reducing physical withdrawal symptoms and also stress that is associated with discontinuance of lethal abusive drugs.

Apart from these above mentioned benefits cannabis also helps in alleviating painful conditions that are associated with diseases that have inflammatory origin such as arthritis and others. Menstrual cramps in women also find relief by administration of TCH found in cannabis.

Chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, even patients those who suffer from restless leg syndrome and patients who have bipolar disorder, dysthymia and sleep and anxiety disorder have also benefited from clinical administration of TCH or cannabis in their body.

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