Benefits of Camote

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Camote or sweet’ potato is a popular vegetable around the globe. You can find it almost everywhere. It is known to be one the world’s healthiest foods for its multi-nutritional qualities. Besides being a tasty food, Camote is one of the tastiest vegetable around. You can eat it raw or you can add this to any recipe. Camote will certainly make any food it taste better than before.

Let’s take a look at some of the proven health benefits of Camote.

  • Camote is rich in beta-carotene. It is a natural ingredient helps increasing vitamin A in blood. It is significantly beneficial for children. Vitamin A helps children develop faster and gives great eyesight.

  • Sweet potato is a good source of vitamin B6. This vitamin is powerful in preventing the increased levels of chemical homocysteine. Thus, it works effectively in the prevention of heart attacks.

  • Camote is also rich in irons. Doctor always says that human body needs mineral iron in order to accumulate sufficient energy for natural development of the body. Iron plays a big role in increasing the RBC and WBC count in blood. It also helps in proper functioning of our immune system.

  • Camote helps in preventing cold and flu infections as it is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is also responsible for proper formation of bones and teeth. Adequate consumption of Camote offers you an enriched source of vitamin C and it helps in fighting stress and gives you a younger looking skin.

  • Sweet potato is also rich in vital minerals such as magnesium. It is a necessary nutritional element for healthy heart, muscle, and nerve functioning.

  • Sweet potatoes with purpled coloured flesh have powerful anti-oxidant properties vitalizing mind and body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that works in our digestive system and lower the risks caused by oxygen radicals and heavy indigestive metals.

  • Sweet potato works great if you can eat it after boiling or steaming. This cooking method keeps the anthocyanin levels intact. Studies have shown that it has better effects on blood sugar levels as compared with roasted sweet potato. Steaming of sweet potato helps in deactivating peroxidase enzymes which is known to break down anthocyanin.

  • Sweet potato has a special type of protein called sporamins. It is a powerful nutrient in preventing cells from oxidative damages. Camote sporamins helps in increasing healing power right after a physical damage. It helps in building muscle and skin tissues quite faster than any other proteins.

There are multi-faceted health benefits in Camote. You can eat this root vegetable in various ways. There are a host of tasty recipes available with Camote. You can try one by one frequently and change the course of your daily food habit. Camote is ideal for breakfast, on-the-go lunch and a nice pleasant dinner. Therefore, the bottom line is Camote is a healthy food that tastes good unlike other food with medicinal values. In order to get the wholesome nutrients from this vegetable, you should always get fresh ones instead of processed and packaged ones. So enjoy eating Camote and live a healthy life.

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