Benefits Of Buying local

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shopping-cart_pdBenefits Of Buying local

Globalization has improved the availability of various products in markets all over the world. What is not produced in one country is transported there and the earnings of the suppliers have increased immensely. But, buying local products has its own importance that cannot be ignored. The many benefits of buying local both for the buyer and the country as a whole are:

1.Money stays in the same country.
Local products are manufactured by people of the same country. Purchasing such a product keeps the money of the buyer in the same country.

2.Reduction in the cost of the product.
Transportation of products from one place to the other requires special processing and packaging of the product. This along with transportation adds to the overall cost of the product. Manufactured products, if purchased locally, reduce the overall cost of production and thus reduces price of the goods.

3.Beneficial to the local employees.
By buying local products the buyers support local businesses. This will lead to more profit for the local businesses, and consequently better jobs and wages for the employees.

4.Taxes for the government.
Increased profits for the business and higher wages and salaries for the employees’ increases the amount of money deposited as tax by businesses and employees.

5.Development of country.
The owners of local businesses usually invest in their own country.
They thus support the development of religious places, schools, and organizations in your own country and thus help to improve the quality of life.

6.Promotes savings.
Shopping locally helps to save you time and money. A shopping trip outside the county will cost you quite high for every mile of drive. It will also require much time which you can otherwise spend on something useful and productive.

7.Reduces pollution.
As the product remains where it is produced it reduce the pollution which otherwise created by transporting the products from one place to the other.

8.Better services in your own country.
Products manufactured in one place if remains there, then businesses will acquire services of local people. You get superior service from people whom you know and who are acquainted with you.

9.Reduces damage of the products.
Transportation of product from one place to other is accompanied with wear and tear and damages. Local consumption of product keeps away the risk of product damage.

With all the above mentioned benefits it is suggested to buy local products and contribute to the development of your country’s economy.

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