Benefits Of Butterbur

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Benefits of Butterbur

Butterbur herb contains numerous active compounds, which experts believe have various medicinal effects. When used like a medicinal supplement, butterbur may assist with a wide variety of health issues from headaches to allergies. The active compounds are mostly found in the roots and leaves. Below are major butterbur health benefits.

1. Treats hay fever
Butterbur extract treats various allergy symptoms like breathing difficulties, sinus pressure and itchy nose. It also works like an expectorant, relieving congested lungs and enhancing lung function. Every year, almost 10 million people get hay fever, which is form of allergic reaction. However, taking butterbur supplements may assist to deal with this condition.

2. Asthma cure
Asthma treatment normally consists of control medications for offering long term cure as well as a relief drug for providing immediate relief. The two therapies may cause adverse side effects. Butterbur powder enhances lung activity in patients with both chronic bronchitis and asthma.

3. Prevents migraine
A migraine heard typically has severe symptoms like photosensitivity, nausea, pain and vision problems. Butterbur prevents and cures migraine headaches, based on a 2009 study by various researchers. The study comprised of the administration of 80mg of butterbur every day for about 4 months to migraine sufferers. This treatment lessened occurrences of migraines by close to 50%.

4. Helps skin care
Topically applying butterbur extract effectively deals with the swelling and redness linked to skin ulcerations and wounds. The anti-inflammatory effects of this herb assist to heal injured skin. Furthermore, soaking a cloak in butterbur extract or tea makes a great poultice that can be applied to affected parts of the body. Butterbur tea is made using the roots and leaves of the herb.

Possible adverse effects related to butterbur herb use include belching, diarrhea, headaches and upset stomach. Some people also experience allergic reactions such as hives and itching after ingesting butterbur herb.

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