Benefits Of Burping

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Benefits of Burping

Belching or burping is the discharge of digestive gas through the mouth. In most cases, it is associated with sound and odor, but rare. It is triggered by swallowing of air while drinking or eating. Also, it can be prompted by drinking beer, champagne, or soft drinks and in most cases, nitrogen and oxygen are expelled.

1. Relieves discomfort
Burping is more pronounced in babies, especially after breast feeding. If you want to expel carbon dioxide, relieve the baby by patting his/her on the back. This is a great way to relieve discomfort, bloating and spitting up.

2. Prevents gas accumulation
There are many ways you can try to prevent gas accumulation in your tummy. For breast feeding mothers, it is important to ensure the milk bottle slants on an angle so that no air penetrates the nipple. Additionally, breastfeeding mothers should steer away from diet s that cause burping such as beans and broccoli.

3. Relieves pressure
Belching your baby not only prevents excess gas but also helps relieve pressure after feeding. When done properly, burping can expel carbon dioxide from the stomach. If you are a parent, burping your baby may be frustrating. Therefore, make sure that you use the right technique.

4. Aids digestion
Burping also aids in digestion by preventing excess gas. In order to promote healthy digestion, you can add ginger to your tea. Before you retire to bed, consume mashed garlic to prevent the build-up of gas in the stomach.

5. Good for the stomach
Belching is commonly occurring especially after feeding or drinking carbonated drinks. While belching is healthy, you may want to reduce excessive burping. In most cases, excessive burping indicates poor digestion. Therefore, belching is good for the stomach as it aids in digestion.
While it is healthy to belch after eating, belching or burping can be an embarrassment.

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