Benefits Of Buckthorn

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Benefits of Buckthorn

Buckthorn, popularly known as glossy buckthorn, buckthorn bark or arrow wood is native to North America. The branches or trunk belong to a group of plants known as Rhamnus frangula. Studies show that buckthorn has an array of health benefits, from aiding digestion to cleansing the colon just to mention but a few.

1. Laxative properties
Buckthorn can help soothe function of the digestive tract and treats digestive disorders, like constipation, acid reflux and irregular bowel movements. You can take buckthorn in moderate amounts to help relieve constipation, as well as hemorrhoid and anal fissure. In other words, buckthorn helps to soften the stool.

2. Digestive health
According to recent studies, buckthorn also has a positive role on the digestive system. Individuals who experience digestive problems typically retain water or gain water. Basically, buckthorn helps to eliminate waste and toxin due to its diuretic effects. Additionally, you can use it to reduce stomach bloating.

3. Colon cleansing
Another reason you should consider incorporating buckthorn into your daily routine is to improve function of the colon. In fact, doctors sometimes use the plant to cleanse the colon prior to gastrointestinal surgery. As a result, colon contractions improve bowel movements.

4. Treats skin disease
When used for medicinal purposes, buckthorn can help treat skin disorders related with constipation such as psoriasis, allergic eczema, and acne. However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before using the herb to avert adverse side effect.

5. Buckthorn and hepatitis
Besides relieving constipation, buckthorn can also help treat headaches, rheumatism, hepatitis and allergies. Additionally, it can also help to eliminate intestinal worms.
Buckthorn should only be taken in moderate amounts in order to avert adverse side effects. Possible side effects may include diarrhea and colic’s. As a precaution, always make sure you consult a doctor prior to using buckthorn.

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