Benefits of Brushing Hair

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Hair-brushing is a common ritual for many people on a daily basis. Whether a person has short or long hair, brushing is often part of a person’s daily routine. Some people brush their hair while still wet while others prefer to do this activity when their hair is completely dry. Hair-brushing is part of personal hygiene and is commonly taught to children as they start to do things independently. Some people also brush their hair often for several reasons like wanting to be always neat and tidy. Aside from its aesthetic purpose, regular brushing of the hair can actually result to various benefits including the following:

  1. Cleansing of the hair

Brushing the hair does not only make it look neat and tidy but it also serves a practical purpose which is cleansing. The soft brush bristles will help remove dirt and other particles in the hair. Chemicals deposits and other acid remnants in the scalp will also be removed by regular hair-brushing. The obvious benefit may be on the outside appearance of hair which is neat and tidy but what cannot be seen by the naked eye is actually hair that is cleansed more thoroughly from brushing.

  1. Promotes healthier hair

Hair brushing, when done properly and regularly, can also help stimulate proper blood circulation in the scalp area. When blood is circulating efficiently in the scalp area it will only mean that the hair will grow healthier. The process of brushing basically helps the transport of nutrients in the scalp area from the hair roots to the tips. When this process of circulation and nutrient-transport is enhanced and stimulated, hair becomes stronger and healthier.

  1. Production of oils and hormones

Regular brushing of the hair also stimulates oil and hormone production. This will eventually help the hair become healthier and smoother. Many hair experts believe that the natural oils and hormones in the scalp are better at making the hair grow stronger and shinier. These people believe that hair health can be assessed by simply looking at the strands if they are strong and if they are smooth and shiny. People need not use various hair products to make their hair look shiny and healthy. All they need is regular brushing to stimulate the production of natural oils which will then protect and nourish each hair strand.

  1. Prevention of hair loss

The increased circulation in the scalp secondary to regular hair-brushing is also known to help hair loss. With improved circulation, hair will get the right nutrients for proper growth and development. Natural oils will also be produced to keep existing hair and promote the growth of new follicles. When there is a problem in the circulation around the scalp area, there will be an imbalance of oils and nutrients which can lead to hair loss.

Many hair experts advocate hair brushing as a practical way of keeping the hair healthy. Many of them also discourage the regular and heavy use of hair products like shampoos and creams because these can often lead to more hair problems for some people. By simple brushing, using the right brush and technique, one will be able to help his/her hair become clean, healthy, and shiny.

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