Benefits Of Brown Sugar

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Benefits of Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is got from refining sugar and then mixing it with molasses to provide the distinct brown color. This dark color is also achievable through using a long period of boiling in the process of manufacturing. Brown sugar use has been known to provide numerous benefits like the ones in the following article.

1. Highly nutritious

Brown sugar boasts of several nutrients including phosphorous, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are usually eliminated during the manufacture of chemically-processed sugar. Actually, most of the chemicals used by manufacturers for refining sugar usually strip the beneficial nutrients and minerals, rendering the sugar unhealthy. Using brown sugar is therefore advisable as it provides these nutrients in adequate amounts.

2. No additives

Brown sugar is chemical free and does not contain any additives present in the common white sugar, which is usually refined using various chemicals like phosphoric acid, activated carbon and calcium hydroxide. Chemicals used for removing the molasses content from sugar are not required for brown sugar production, which is manufactured from natural sugarcane juice and contains small molasses amounts. While most manufactures nowadays use centrifuges for molasses extraction, some of them still make use of chemicals that are normally retained in the finished product.

3. Well moist

The other huge advantage of making use of brown sugar is that it comprises of more moisture as compared to white sugar. This increased moisture content results in fewer calories in every teaspoonful of brown sugar. In addition, when brown sugar is used for baking, it offers moister, denser baked products unlike lighter products got from baking with white sugar.

There are some disadvantages of utilizing brown sugar. For example, the sugarcane juice that is used for brown sugar production contains only trace amounts of vital nutrients like potassium and calcium. That is why an alternative like honey is recommended.

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