Benefits Of Brown Seaweed

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Benefits of Brown Seaweed

Brown seaweed, also called brown kelp, is mainly used for flavoring Asian salads and soups. The use of brown seaweed is recommended as it contains a beneficial compound called fucoxanthin, which is not available in red and green seaweeds. Brown seaweed also has other beneficial nutrients that provide some notable benefits. Here are benefits of brown seaweed.

1. Reduces inflammation
Researchers recently tested the effects of a compound called fucoidan, which is extracted from brown seaweed. The results showed that the fucoidans provided strong anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the consumption of brown seaweed may prevent cancerous cells from sticking to blood platelets. This therefore stops the cancer from spreading further in the body.

2. Weight loss
The natural antioxidants present in brown seaweed have been proven to enhance the loss of fat and weight. Fucoxanthin, a major natural antioxidant, raises the levels of some proteins in the body that promote fat metabolism. Increased metabolism of fat normally results in a significant amount of weight loss.

3. Healthy cells and hair
Brown seaweed contains rich amounts of important minerals like zinc, calcium, iodine, iron and potassium. Vitamins present in this particular variety of seaweed include vitamins BI, B2 and B12, folic acid, niacin and beta carotene. These nutrients are vital for healthy skin, cells and hair.

4. Blood thinning properties
Brown seaweed has anti-coagulant effects because of the fucoidan content. Individuals with hypertension are thereby recommended to consume brown seaweed to obtain this benefit. Furthermore, the intake of this particular seaweed variety may assist lessen the risk of getting estrogen-linked cancers.

5. Maintains immune health
The fucoidan in brown seaweed offers extensive support to the immune system’s function in various ways. For instance, it is believed to enhance the total of number of WBC, thereby offering protection against ailments.
As brown seaweed might be contaminated with various heavy metals, high intake is not advisable.

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