Benefits Of Broth

Benefits of Broth

Broth is used in most recipes and it contains many healthy and natural ingredients. Beef broth, specifically, is made using beef bones, vegetables, water, herbs and beef scraps. This makes it low in both calories and fat. Broth is cheap to make since the ingredients used would have been otherwise thrown away. Here are more broth benefits.

1. Healthy diet
Broth can be taken like part of your healthy diet as it contains lots of minerals and also vitamins. You can even use broth for making other delicious recipes or simply enjoying it on its own. Broth is a key ingredient in the popular French onion soup. Furthermore, beef broth used together with any other recipe provides a tasty beefy flavor and also the minerals and vitamins present in broth.

2. Low fat and carbohydrate content
There is a low carbohydrate amount in broth, but the taste is extremely powerful. Besides that, broth also has low fat content as you strain and remove the fat during production. Fat is generally used for adding flavor to any meal, and that is why most foods are finally sautéed with butter. However, since broth already has a great beefy taste, the need for fat to provide a taste is no longer there.

3. Calcium source
Broth also provides calcium in large amounts mainly because of the ingredients used to create it. In fact, peasant cultures that do not eat dairy products such as milk get their source of calcium from beef broth since beef bones possess high amounts of this mineral. Simmering beef bones for some time draws the essential nutrients and also extracts the flavor.

Broth is an excellent source of phosphorous, vitamin B12, iron, selenium and other vital trace minerals. It is a tasty addition to your diet and it also keeps for a long time when refrigerated correctly.

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