Benefits Of Brisk walking

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walkingBenefits Of Brisk walking

The increasing competition and greed for money in the world today has given rise to an unhealthy lifestyle. People take inadequate sleep, have irregular eating habits, do little or no exercise, and face problems like obesity. High levels of stress have lead to the increase in health problems. Brisk walking means walking at a fast and speedy pace. Brisk walking burns roughly the same amount of calories as are burnt during jogging or running for equal distances. It is beneficial as it poses lesser risk for injury. It is a kind of aerobic activity, which is popular especially among women. The benefits of brisk walking include:

1.Helps to combat stress.
Brisk walking is an excellent way to relax your mind from the various tensions and worries related to life. Thus it is a god means to keep relaxed from stress.

2.Relieves from problems like constipation.
Regular exercise in the form of brisk walking ensures proper bowel movements and relieves from digestive problems like constipation. It also keeps the colon clean and prevents diseases like colon cancer as all toxins are removed from the body regularly.

3.Relives from the pain of arthritis.
Brisk walking is a mild exercise that helps to relieve pain because of arthritis. It is also great remedy for backache troubles.

4.Tones the body.
Brisk walking helps to improve the flexibility of bones and muscles in the body. It strengthens the bones, muscles, and joints, thus leading to a properly toned body.

5.Helps to reduce body weight.
Brisk walking helps in burning calories and fats that are stored in the body. It is therefore an easy way to get rid of excessive body fat and reduce problems associated with obesity.

6.Better supply of oxygen to the body.
Brisk walking improves our breathing and helps to supply more oxygen to the body. This helps in improved oxygenation to the brain cells and other body cells. The overall result is improved blood circulation, better metabolism, more energy for physical and mental activities and an overall improvement in the body fitness.

7.Improves sleep.
Brisk walking if taken up as a regular exercise helps to improve sleep. It is helpful in treating problems like insomnia.

Brisk walking is a mild and good exercise for people of all ages. It improves the overall function of all body parts, resulting in a better heart, lungs, bones and muscles and general well being of the person. It is simple and safe, and requires no special training and practice. So, grow strong and stay healthy by adopting brisk walking as a regular form of exercise.

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