Benefits Of Brewer’s Yeast

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brewers_bookBenefits Of Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is biologically known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae andÂ’ is incorporated in the class of probiotic s or live microbial supplements. It is obtained as a by-product, during the process of beer formation from the extracts of hops and grains. Intake of this yeast, affects the host beneficially, by improving the natural microbial balance of the body. This beneficial action of this yeast is similar to other members of probiotic class like lactobacilli found in natural live yogurts and enterococci that produces lactic-acid-producing.Â’ Due to the presence of many nutrients present in Brewer’s yeast, it is quite beneficial for the human body. The numerous advantages of consuming this yeast are:

1.Rich in nutrients.
Brewers’ yeast is generally obtained as a by-product when beer is produced. Thus it absorbs the protein, chemicals, and nutrients from all ingredients such as malt, grain, and hops that are utilized in brewing beer. Thus it is an excellent source of vitamins, particularly B-complex vitamins. These help in improving the general metabolism of the body.

2.Aids in cell development.
High nucleic acid content in brewer’s yeast makes it a valuable c food product for cell development as this a process that continuously takes place inside our body.

3.Beneficial for diabetics.
Brewer’s yeast contains low quantities of sodium, fat, carbohydrates and calories. Thus it is very beneficial for people suffering with diabetes and hypoglycemia. It contains rich amounts of folic acid, thiamin, potassium, niacin, chromium that are essentially required by the body for producing insulin.

4.Useful for pregnant women.
The content of folic acid present in this yeast is quite high. Thus it is very useful for the development of nervous system in a growing fetus.

5.Helps to treat digestive problems.
Intake of brewer’s yeast helps to reduce and treat digestive problems like constipation.

6.Increases the good bacteria.
Presence of good bacteria in the colon and intestine improves the overall digestive function. Regular intake of Brewer’s yeast supplements increases the number of good bacteria in the colon. With an increase in their number, begins a battle between good and bad bacteria. As a result some gas is formed. Continuous use of this yeast even after gas formation increases the count of good bacteria so much that the fight ends and the gas formation stops.

7.Benefits to the hair.
Biotin- a B complex vitamin is an important part of hair cells in our body. Deficiency of biotin is one of the main causes of baldness in both men and women. Brewer’s yeast contains good quantities of this vitamin, regular intake of which helps in curing problems related to baldness and loss of hair. Regular intake of this yeast improves the circulation of blood in the scalp, providing strength to weak hair.

Although, yeast is quite healthy for the body, but usually tastes bitter. Many brands of this product are marked as de-bittered, but the process that makes it flavorful and tasty also removes some of nutritional content form it. It is better to consume the bitter yeast to get the most benefits out of it.

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