Benefits Of Bottle Gourd

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Benefits of Bottle Gourd

The bottle gourd, a commonly eaten vegetable in India, is not easily digestible but it also great for your overall health. This cooling vegetable is mostly eating during the hot periods during the year. Other than that, juice made from bottle gourd has been used for ages for curing wide ranging bodily ailments. Here are benefits of the bottle gourd;

1. Treats urinary ailments
Bottle gourd helps to treat urinary disorders because of its alkaline nature. It treats the burning sensation present in a patient’s urinary passage because of urine’s high acidity. A glass of bottle gourd juice ought to be mixed together with lime juice for more effectiveness. It also has the ability of eliminating kidney stones from the body.

2. Nutritious
Bottle gourd contains 95% water, along with vitamin C and iron. It has I.8mg of sodium and 80g of potassium, which makes it the best vegetable for hypertensive individuals. Since the bottle gourd has low cholesterol and fat content, it is an excellent choice for light diet s and also for young children. Individuals with digestive issues and diabetics are recommended to eat this particular vegetable regularly.

3. Fiber
The fiber found in this cooling vegetable makes it useful in preventing and also treating digestive issues like flatulence and constipation. Because the bottle gourd is digested quickly, it is recommended for individuals with diabetes and digestive problems. Its juice is used like an herbal cure for ulcers and indigestion.

4. Cooling properties
The high amount of water found in the bottle gourd helps to cool the users. Even after cooking it, it still provides a calming and cooling effect. It is advisable to make the tasty bottle gourd juice if you are seeking its cooling effects.

The best thing about bottle gourd is that it is a natural vegetable that does not have any adverse effects on the user’s body. You should thus consume this vegetable often.

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