Benefits of bone broth

Traditionally bone broth has several health benefits over other kinds of “stock’ or “broth’ found in the stores. Bone broth is a nutritious dense liquid or sometimes even found in gel form that is made by simmering bones gently for as long as 24 hours.

Unlike other kinds of broths which are prepared commercially and thus relies on questionable additives and harsh cooking methods, traditionally cooked bone broth, retains all the benefits of unhurried cooking and its natural ingredients.

Bone broth is a great source for Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and trace minerals which can be easily absorbed by our body.

It is also an excellent source of gelatine and collagens and is enriched with amino acids, glycine and proline.

Bone broth has a long and rich history of health benefits and medical use, which are reasons as to why eating bone broth is good for our health.

Anti-inflammatory property

Traditional soups made from the cartilage rich parts of the chicken along with bone broth has been known to help people get rid of colds and flu. According to several medical experts in pulmonary medicine, it has been seen that adding bone broth in soups helps in reducing symptoms of cold and sore throat due to its anti-inflammatory properties that helps in fighting pulmonary infections during the winter months.

Strengthens our digestive system

According to the practitioners of Chinese medicine, bone broth is considered as an immensely resourceful culinary, that supports the digestive system and helps in building blood. Bone broth which has been used throughout the ages in almost all places in China is also considered as a food that helps in strengthening the function of our kidneys.

Helps in developing healthy skeletal tissues

The gelatin content found in the bone broth which is often used for making gelatin desserts helps in the development of our cartilages and our bones. Although powered gelatin which was patented by the US industrialist Peter Cooper in 1845, can be used for making this kind of desserts, but nevertheless homemade bone stock is one of the best traditionally used ingredient that was used in the past for making gelatin desserts, which was specially served to kids and older peoples for growth and sustenance of their bones.

Cure against asthma

According to the 12th century Egyptian physician Moses Miamonides, it has been found that bone broth was used in Egypt as a remedy against asthma.

Helps in development of hair and nails

It has been clinically found that eating bone broth in soups and other recipes, helps in the growth and development of our hair and nails. According to French physicians of the early 18th century, bone broth was even applied on the scalps of balding people, to regenerate their hair growth.

In the recent times there are several manufactures that sells organic bone broth, which are prepared from the bones of grain fed cattle. These bone broths are also made shelf stable for many months, which is done by an aseptic process that flash-heats the broth, which makes it virtually sterile. Although these bone broths do not have the flavor, nutrient density or aroma of the traditionally prepared bone broths, but nevertheless it can be stored and carried along while travelling for later use.

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