Benefits Of Boiled eggs

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eggBenefits Of Boiled eggs

If you wish to get benefitted by the numerous nutrients present in eggs, eating boiled eggs is the best way of getting them. Unlike fried and scrambled eggs that require the use of butter or oil during their preparation, whereas boiled eggs are cooked without the use of fats. Eating boiled eggs facilitates you to control the amount of you that you wish to eat to and reduce the intake of cholesterol in the body. The multiple benefits of eating boiled eggs include:

1.Helps to prevent macular degeneration.
Eggs are an excellent food for eyes. According to the result of a study, eating one boiled egg each day prevents macular degeneration. This is due to the presence of carotenoids specificallyÂ’ zeaxanthin and lutein, that are essentially required by our bodies.

2.Provides essential proteins.
One boiled egg provides the body with six grams of quality protein to the body. It also contains nine essential amino acids that are required by the body. Intake of just one boiled egg supplies the body with about twelve percent of daily protein requirement. This protein is made available in a form that is easily absorbed and readily used by the body.

3.Rich source of choline.
Boiled eggs are a rich source of choline. The egg yolk of just one egg provides the body with about 300 micrograms choline. It is a vital nutrient that aids in regulating the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and the brain.

4.Provides the body with vitamin D.
It is one of the few foods that provide the body with vitamin D.

5.Beneficial to hair and nails.
Eggs contain good quantities of sulphur, vitamins and minerals that aid in promoting and maintaining the health of hair and nails. Regular intake of boiled aggs in diet helps to improve the growth of hair and nails especially in people suffering from deficiency of sulphur or vitamin B12 .

6.Does not negatively affect cholesterol.
In contrast to the earlier beliefs new research reveals that moderate intake of eggs doesn’t affect the cholesterol negatively. Regular intake of two eggs each day does not have any negative effect on the lipid profile of a person. It might rather improve it.

7.Low calorie rich protein.
A boiled egg contains just eighty calories making it an excellent source of low calorie high quality protein especially for those who are watching their weight.

Although boiled eggs are a rich source of protein but those who are suffering from problems of high cholesterol should consume limited quantities of it. If they wish to eat more eggs they should discard the yellow yolk and eat the white part to stay healthy and away from problems of cholesterol.

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