Benefits Of Bluetooth

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Benefits of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a very promising standard for wireless short-range communication. It is designed to enable the connection of various portable devices in a wireless manner. Here are some benefits of Bluetooth technology.

1. It is cheap

This technology of Bluetooth is actually very cheap for firms to implement and this leads to lower spending costs for the company. This is quite beneficial since these savings are going to be passed from the firm to the consumers.

2. Wireless

There are several advantages that come with using wireless devices. Bluetooth not only improves safety due to doing away with wires that you do not require anymore, but it also provides many other benefits. If you are travelling with a mobile device like a laptop, you do not require bringing various connection cables provided you have Bluetooth.

3. Standardized protocol

This means that the level of compatibility between devices is high and thus it can connect different types of devices. The devices do not even need to be of the same model to connect.

4. Low consumption of energy

Since Bluetooth uses lower power signals, it requires lesser energy. For that reason, this particular technology only uses less electrical power or battery power. This is a great advantage for mobile devices since Bluetooth will not drain the battery.

5. Enables sharing of data and voice

Bluetooth allows compatibles devices to easily and quickly share voice and also data communications. This is beneficial in driving where you can drive while talking on the cell phone at the same time.

6. It is automatic

You do not even have to press any buttons because once two devices are within a range of 30 feet, they are going to start communicating automatically.

The disadvantage of using Bluetooth is the fact that your information can be hacked due to the larger range covered by Bluetooth. As a result, security is an essential aspect to this particular technology.

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