Benefits Of Black Beans

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blackbeans-300Benefits Of Black beans

Black beans are also known as the turtle beans and are an important member of the family of legumes. The rich smoky flavors of beans make it comparable to mushrooms. Along with navy beans, kidney beans and pinto beans, black beans are included in the group of “common beans‒ as all of them have originated from a single ancestor. They provide many great nutrients for sure. The tasty black beans are an inseparable part of popular Mexican dishes or it is served as part of a delicious soup. The mealy texture and slightly smoky taste of black beans make it a satisfying and filling food. Apart from this they are so nutritious that they provide numerous benefits to our health which include:

Provide the much needed antioxidants
The black color of black beans is because of the presence of antioxidant called anthocyanins. It the same powerful flavonoids, that are found in nutritional foods like blueberries, red cabbage, cranberries, and red beets. Within the family of common beans black beans contain the maximum levels of antioxidants. They keep the body protected from the harmful effects of free radicals that are released as a result of various metabolic reactions. They protect the body against cancer and the negative effects of ageing.

Provide the body with dietary fiber.
Black beans contain rich quantities of dietary fiber that helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol. The fiber content is soluble in nature and prevents the sudden rise in blood sugar level just after the meals. This means that beans provide energy, while still balancing the level of blood sugar.

Provides the body with Molybdenum.
Black beans contain rich amounts of molybdenum- a trace mineral that is found in small quantities in our body. It helps the kidneys to remove the wastes contained in them through the excretory system. It also maintains the nerve health and aids in energy production. This mineral is a vital component of sulfite oxidase that helps in detoxifying sulfites. These are commonly consumed through preservatives in the ready food we consume.

Benefits to pregnant women.
Black beans are rich in Folate, or vitamin B6, consumption of which is vital for pregnant women. Folate helps in the proper development of brain and spinal cord in the fetus. A diet rich in folate helps to protect people against heart diseases.

Provides the body with many minerals.
Black beans provide the body with essential minerals like phosphorus iron and calcium. Calcium builds bone mass and bone density and phosphorus helps in the processing of calcium in the bones. The iron content of black beans makes it an essential food for menstruating and pregnant women and children.

So if you also want your family to be healthy black beans to your grocery list and make it a regular part of your meals.

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