Benefits of Bitter leaf

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Benefits of Bitter leaf

We all know it as it grows naturally and can be found everywhere –bitter leaf. Vernonia amaydalia, commonly known as bitter leaf is distinctive for its bitterness. All parts of the plant are bitter? the bark, root, stems and leaves. Read on and learn the many health benefits of bitter leaf.

1. Good for the kidney
The kidney plays an essential role in the body as it helps to eliminate toxins and wastes that may inhibit its function. When the toxins are not expelled from the body other body processes may not function well and can lead to poor health. Studies show that bitter leaf can help to keep the liver in good health. For that reason, many folks use bitter leaf to cure kidney-related complications, as well as liver disorders.

2. Reduces diabetes risk
Bitter-leaf may also be useful for Diabetes. This is good news for diabetics as it gives them hope not to despair when medication seems ineffective. God has provided for them bitter leaf to help ease their condition. For many years now, herbalists and medical practitioners have been using the herb for the cure of diabetes. Besides reducing the glucose level in diabetics, bitter herb also improves health of the pancreas. Simply squeeze the leaf in water and consume the mixture regularly for improved health and general wellness.

3. Bitter leaf and prostrate cancer
Today, there has been an alarming increase in cases of prostrate cancer. Bitter leaf has been proven effective for relieving symptoms of this disease. Squeeze the leaves in water and take one glass thrice a day. Don’t worry when you wake up frequently during the night to pee after taking the concoction because it is a part of the healing process.

While it has no significant side effects, its bitter taste makes people shy away from it. However, you should put in mind that excessive consumption is harmful to your health.

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