Benefits Of Bipedalism

Benefits of Bipedalism

Bipedalism is a condition of using two feet for movement. An organism that is bipedal moves with its two rear legs or limbs. Examples of bipedal creatures are humans and ostriches. Bipedal creatures are said to have more advantages over quadruped creatures. The following are some of the benefits of this kind of movement.

1. Avoid predatory attacks

Creatures which use two feet for their movement are able to stand. This generally improves their ability to see far and wide. As such they can be able to detect danger from afar which enables them to take the next action in course.

2. Search and transportation of food

Because bipedal creatures can stand and view their surroundings with ease, they are able to locate food from afar. They are also able to transport this food with them using their forelimbs for very long distances which is quite a challenge for animals that walk on fours to do. Bipedalism therefore offers a great survival opportunity.

3. Free forelimbs

Aside from using their forelimbs to carry food, a bipedal is able to use the forelimbs for many other functions. In birds, the forelimbs are used for flying, in primates for digging, in some animals for manipulation of their surroundings while for bears in combat. In man, the forelimbs help him to use his tools properly.

4. Diet

Because of their capability to stand upright, they have a better diet because of their ability to choose from a wide range of food which consequently results to healthier offspring. Due to a better diet, there is a lot of potential to live long and grow fully.

However, there are problems which arise in bipedalism which include back problems and slow speed in some animals, which results from the weight that the upper body places on the lower body.

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