Benefits Of Biomass

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Benefits of Biomass

From the early days of civilization biomass was the main source of energy, but there is a great debate whether biomass is a reliable source of energy or not. Experiments and extensive research has come into a conclusion that biomass energy has numerous advantages as compared to fossils fuels, especially in regards to helping reduce the greenhouse effect.

1. Renewable energy source

Unlike fossil fuels, biomass energy is renewable since plants are used in the production process. Since there is an abundance of plant life in our planet, there will always be a source of biomass energy, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t play a role in global warming.

2. Eliminates CO2

Another advantage of this form of energy is that it has a positive role in reducing CO2 into the atmosphere, as well as green house effect. However, many people still ask ‘’ if C02 is released during the manufacture of biomass energy, how is it more efficient when compared to fossil fuels?”. The CO2 produced by fossil fuels only leads to global warming but the CO2 released during the production of biomass is absorbed by plants.

3. Cleans the surrounding

The reason why many people advocate for biomass energy is the fact that it helps to clean the surrounding. With increasing population, garbage disposal has become a challenge in many states. Therefore, recycling organic garbage is a great option that can provide sufficient energy, as well as cleaning the surrounding.

4. Readily available

It is not without doubt that biomass energy is readily available as opposed to fossil fuels. Wherever you look, you will find a great source of biomass. This form of energy is abundant in nature and is considered the best alternative source of energy.

Even though it is one of the cheapest forms of energy, many still argue that biomass emits green houses gases and carbon dioxide.

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