Benefits Of Big Families

Benefits of Big Families

While some folks will argue that big families are at a financial disadvantage, some even suggest that children in large families suffer from neglect. Certainly children from large families don’t have the luxury to indulge in their every whim, but this is not bad after all. In fact, the benefits of being a member of an extended family far surpass the downsides.

1. Children help with chores
In large families children can help with house chore. Through co-operation and understanding, children in large families can candle their chores and responsibilities with ease. In other words, they learn how to solve problems in the household. Consequently they become confidence in their undertaking as they grow into adulthood.

2. Appreciate gender differences
Through personal interaction, children or siblings understand the importance of gender differences. From their mothers and sisters, young boys appreciate femininity. Girls on the other hand understand the male role in the family. All the siblings are therefore prepared to become responsible adults in future.

3. Siblings become mature
Because parents in large families can not afford the luxury to satisfy their children’s every whim due to lack of time and money, children distinguish between needs and wants. They become mature when they know that instant gratification is not possible. Therefore, they learn the virtues of honorable ambition and self-reliance.

4. Share laughter
Big families are typically lively than small families. Despite having its disadvantages, a large family provides comfort, and is a healthy and happy place for every child. Children from large families don’t need toys because they can play games together and share experiences.

5. Family bond
Older children guide the youngest siblings and thus create a strong bond. Younger siblings receive learning and love from older children.
Children in large families usually compete for attention. Also, arguments are inevitable when it comes to sharing toys and responsibilities.

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