Benefits Of Beta Glucan

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Benefits of Beta Glucan

Beta glucan refers to the fiber-kind polysaccharide obtained from the cell wall of barley fiber, yeast, oat as well as other edible mushrooms. This soluble fiber changes into a dense gel after dissolving in the digestive system. The gel then binds with extra cholesterol present in the body, preventing cholesterol absorption. The following are more reasons why you should include beta glucan into your diet .

1. Controls blood sugar

Since beta glucan is a type of soluble fiber, it helps lessen an individual’s sugar absorption. Several studies indicate the need for diabetics to start using beta glucan for controlling their levels of blood sugar. In cereals, this soluble fiber reduces the body’s glycemic response following carbohydrate intake. Glycemic response refers to the likelihood of carbohydrates to increase blood glucose. Consuming foods that produce little glycemic response provides considerable improvement in controlling diabetes.

2. Immune benefits

Beta glucan boosts immune function by activating various white blood cells such as macrophages and neutrophils that are vital for defending the body from pathogens. Actually, both macrophages and neutrophils activated by this soluble fiber help to recognize and destroy tumor cells, quicken repair of injured tissue, assist eliminate cellular waste linked to oxidative damage and enhance the immune function in general.

3. Reduces cholesterol

Beta glucan forms a dense gel-like matter following its introduction into an individual’s digestive tract. This substance helps reduce LDL cholesterol by binding with it and therefore preventing the body from absorbing it. This lowers the overall level of cholesterol in the body, benefiting the heart greatly. In fact, lower cholesterol translates into a lowered likelihood for the development of heart problems such as heart attacks as well as strokes.

Beta glucan does not display any side effects when taken orally. However, when used through injection, it can cause fever, joint pain, vomiting, rashes and dizziness.

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