Benefits Of Beta Alanine

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Benefits of Beta Alanine

Beta alanine refers to the nutritional supplement commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes for enhancing performance. It is a type of non-essential amino acids that naturally occurs in a person’s body. Foods like chicken, fish, pork and beef also contain high beta alanine content. The intake of beta alanine offers the following benefits.

1. Enhances workout capacity

Taking beta alanine before working out enhances workout capacity, making certain that you train longer and harder. Research shows beta alanine considerably enhances muscular endurance, especially during strength training. Furthermore, supplementing using beta alanine may assist delay neuromuscular fatigue.

2. Increases anaerobic endurance

Beta alanine has been discovered to have useful effects on an individual’s anaerobic endurance. It works through increasing the content of carnosine in the muscles, which enhances the overall muscle buffer capability. Ingesting beta alanine supplements also enhances physical performance in high intensity workouts.

3. Enhances muscle mass

Studies indicate supplementing with this particular amino acid enhances the concentrations of carnosine in muscles. The huge development in the buffering capacity in muscles is mainly responsible for muscular endurance, power and strength gains. Experts recommend the ingestion of about 4 grams of this supplement every day to considerably boost levels of carnosine to enhance performance and also increase muscle mass.

4. Better aerobic endurance

Athletes can get aerobic endurance from using beta alanine supplements. In contrast with placebo, consuming beta alanine enhances sprint performance, which is quite useful for cyclists and track athletes.

5. Maintains healthy PH levels

When we workout, particularly when it is a high intensity workout, our bodies build up hydrogen ions that cause PH in muscles to drop. Carnosine, which is present in beta alanine, helps in stabilizing muscular PH through soaking up the hydrogen ions released during exercise.

Nevertheless, some people have exhibited temporary side effects like skin irritations after taking beta alanine.

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