Benefits Of Berberine

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Benefits of Berberine

Berberine, commonly used like a herbal remedy in India and China for lung and intestinal problems or topically to treat different skin issues, is now being acknowledged in the Western world for treating disorders ranging from urinary tract infections to cancer. Some of the key uses of Berberine include offering assistance in combatting Alzheimer’s disease, digestive tract issues and lowering cholesterol. This plant alkaloid also provides the following health benefits.

1. Diabetes
Berberine shows significant promise in lessening blood sugar related to diabetes. In fact, diabetic patients who were taking Berberine testified that they felt lesser thirst, drank less water and urinated less. They also had enhanced strength along with reduced blood pressure. Furthermore, diabetics should use Berberine as it does not have any side effects.

2. Diarrhea treatment
An important health attribute of Berberine is its capability of counteracting diarrhea and fighting Escherichia Coli. A study indicated the usefulness of Berberine in stopping the action of E Coli in the body. This action translated to great improvement in the symptoms of diarrhea for patients who had been treated using only one dose of this herbal remedy.

3. Reduces cholesterol
Berberine takes close to three months to effectively lessen cholesterol provided correct doses are ingested. This is beneficial to individuals with a medical history of having very high cholesterol levels. Berberine seems to reduce cholesterol using a different way than the one used by the recently withdrawn stating drugs. This means that Berberine can be a beneficial alternative for statin drugs for people concerned with reducing their levels of cholesterol.

4. Boosts heart function
The cardiovascular benefits that Berberine provides that include reducing both blood pressure and also cholesterol levels; make it beneficial in the successful treatment of heart failure or arrhythmias.
Although berberine is a natural compound with limited adverse effects, some people have reported cases of vomiting and nausea after consumption. Make certain to consult a doctor before taking berberine.

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