Benefits Of Being Married

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Benefits of Being Married

Marriage is a sacred union between man and wife and should be honored at all costs. It can affect all aspect of your life, for instance income potential, taxes, expenses and insurance. Having a well paid job and good health is evident in marriage. Although marriage does not provide financial stability, it truly offers an array of benefits.

1. Emotional Benefits
According to psychological studies, married people have lower cases of schizophrenia and depression compared to single individuals. Also, they cope with stress better since they can share their problems with one another. In other words, married people feel better and are more optimistic in life than single individuals.

2. Share living expenses
Another benefit of being married is that you can share day-to-day living expenses. Sharing these costs can allow the couple to settle their debts on time, save some money for investing and retirement. On the other hand, unmarried couples may find it difficult to share financial responsibilities. For example, you might be reluctant to loan your partner some money, even when it makes sense.

3. Health benefits
Several studies show that married couples have better health than single individuals. For instance, cases of diabetes are more prevalent in women that live alone. Couples that live alone due to separation are more vulnerable to hypertension, according to recent studies. In other words, being married is the only sure way to remain jovial and healthy.

4. They don’t overindulge in vices
Married couples have better control over vices such as drugs as they share their problems with one another. Typically, people who are divorced, widowed or single are more likely to indulge in such vices.
Compromise is the major downside of being married. Because you are used to doing things on your own, negotiating and compromising with your partner may be difficult.

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