Benefits Of Being a vegan

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vegetables-redBenefits Of Being a Vegan
Vegans are many times misinterpreted to be vegetarians. However the term vegan refers to people who neither eat any animal products nor use anything that is derived from animals. These things include honey, dairy products, leather belts and wallets etc. Being aÂ’ veganÂ’ is following philosophy or leading a particular lifestyle than just a kind of a diet. Any person can follow the vegan lifestyle and can become a vegan because environmental factors, ethical reasons such as issue related to animal rights, or for improving health.

1.Helps to prevent the occurrence of many diseases.
Studies have revealed that intake of animal proteins and fats increase a personÂ’´s risk to many diseases like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, etc. According to vegans the composition of fat and protein in cowÂ’´s milk is absolutely different from human milk. So it is difficult to digest and assimilate its contents in our body.

2.Makes the skin healthy and shining.
Vegetables sufficiently provide vitamins A and E to the bodies of vegans, thus making their skin healthy and shining. Being a vegan also results in reducing blemishes in the skin.

3.Benefits to women.
Vegan diet is especially beneficial for women who are in their post menopausal phase and suffering from severe PMS symptoms. Switching on to a vegan diet reduces the intensity of PMS symptoms and sometimes leads to disappearance of the problems.

4.Helps in reducing allergies.
Most allergies in the body are caused by animal products like dairy, meat, and eggs. Shifting to a vegan diet reduces the intake of these things and help in alleviating allergy symptoms. There are fewer problems of running nose and congestion.

5.Prevents the entry of harmful elements in the body.
Most fish and shellfish that are consumed by people contain harmful elements like mercury. The quantity of mercury present in each fish is different but it is impossible to prevent the entry of such elements when you are consuming fish. Being a vegan helps to prevent the entry of such substance in the body and their harmful effects.

6.Provides peace to your conscience.
Being a vegan helps your conscience rest easily thinking that you are not consuming anything that is produced by the blood and bone of animals.

7.Benefits to the environment.
If you are eating only plants and their products you are benefitting the environment. This is because growing plants requires fewer resources than growing animals. By eating a vegan diet you help to reduce the toll on our environment.

Although people who are non vegan might support for their cause, but the fact is that eating a vegan diet does not keep you deficient of any nutrient that is required to keep you healthy. So be a vegan and live life healthily.

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