Benefits Of Beets

beetsBenefits Of Beets
All those people who are health conscious and want to remain fit all through their life need to expand the range of foods they eat. Adding beets to your diet is one way to keep your body healthy. Beets not only provide sufficient quantities of iron to the body but also greatly enhance the immunity and the users’ physical well being. The numerous benefits that can be obtained by the consumption of beets are:

1.Offers instant energy to the body.
Beets contain rich quantities of carbohydrates and are thus considered to be a great source of instant energy required for various physical activities.

2.Rich source of nutrients.
Beets contain high amount of various minerals like magnesium, sodium, iron calcium and phosphorous. They also supply the body with essential vitamins A, vitamin C, niacin and folic acid. Because of these nutrients beets are considered to be essential for pregnant woman and aged people.

3.Prevents fatal disease.
Regular intake of beets provides protection against fatal diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Beets contain a pigment known as BetacyaninÂ’ which is responsible for the red color of beets and helps to fight cancer.

4.Maintains the health of colon.
Research has proved that beets have been help in cleansing the blood and colon. Regular intake of beets helps to strengthen the liver and gall bladder.

5.Helps in weight loss.
People who are overweight and wish to cut off a few pounds of weight should make regular use of beets. Beets contain no trans fat or saturated fat. The calorie content of beets is low and provides the tongue a sweet taste that it often desires. So the next time you crave for something sweet instead of eating sweet and adding calories to your body eat some beets and satisfy yourself.

6.Used for curing many ailments.
Beets are used for therapies in various diseases like curing different kinds of tumors, leukemia and blood diseases. Beats are also used for treating boils, acne and abscesses.

7.Useful for curing acidity.
Beets are highly alkaline in nature and are thus very useful for neutralizing the acidic effect in the stomach usually created by eating heavy foods. It is used for the treatment of disorders kike acidosis.

Canned beets are available at affordable rates at all time of the year and at all places of the world. So neat time when you feel hungry instead of going for a snack food high in calories eat a few beets. These will not only provide good taste and fill your stomach but also give you high energy to your body.

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