Benefits of banning smoking

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Benefits of banning smoking

There is no question that most people know something about the health hazards of’ smoking. Despite medical facts, statistics, and warning labels on the cigarettes though,’ many people are still addicted to smoking. Some people may only smoke during social’ events, while others are able to smoke several packs a day. But due to health concerns,’ many countries and areas in the world have banned smoking in some places. The following’ are the benefits that people could get from banned smoking:

1. Improved health

Health benefits go to the smoker and also the people around him/her. When smoking’ is banned at a particular place, then a smoker will have no chance to light his/her light’ cigarette and literally make his/her body especially the lungs a little healthier. As for the’ other people who don’t smoke, there will also be no second-hand smoke to worry about.
With more public places involved in the smoking ban, there will also be a significant effect to’ the health of people.

2. Less chances of fire-related accidents

Some fire-related accidents that occur in homes and other buildings are attributed to’ unattended cigarette butts. Based on statistics, some 1000 people in the US die every year’ because of fires in their homes that are caused by cigarettes and other related materials.’ Cigarettes may also cause bush and forest fires which could damage a lot of trees and

3. Cleaner surroundings

If smoking is banned in some public places for example, there will also be less chances of’ seeing cigarette butts in the sidewalks and other parts of the street. There will also be less’ litter everywhere because there will be less cigarette packs and packaging.

Overall, the whole neighborhood or city will benefit if smoking is banned. As for parents’ and adults, all of them would welcome the fact that the younger ones will not be exposed or’ will not have the chance to be addicted to smoking. With all the health concerns associated’ with smoking, many people support the idea of banning it in all places around the world.

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