Benefits Of Baby Spinach

Benefits of Baby Spinach

Spinach forms an essential part of a healthy diet as it is loaded with essential minerals and vitamins. Along with beets and Swiss chard, spinach offers a number of health benefits. Spinach leaves are usually classified into three varieties, semi-savoy spinach, baby spinach which falls under smooth leaf spinach and savoy spinach. Here are the reasons you should add baby spinach into your daily diet.

1. Reduces cancer risk
Spinach contains high amounts of flavonoids that act as antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals responsible for cell damage. Flavonoids also combat cancer-causing agents and reduce your risk to disease and infections. With that said, you should add spinach and other veggies to your daily nutrition for good health and general wellness.

2. Anti-aging
For strong bones and healthy teeth into old age, baby spinach is highly recommended. One serving offers the required amount of vitamin K, an essential nutrient that retains calcium in your bones, which prevent bone weakness. Deficiency of vitamin K can possibly increase your risk to osteoporosis and arthritis. Moreover, baby spinach has high calcium and magnesium for strong bones and healthy teeth.

3. Cardiovascular health
Spinach has high nutritional content, which helps enhance heart health. Vitamin C found in spinach act as an antioxidant, preventing cell damage and oxidation. Oxidized cholesterol can cause plaque of the arteries, which in turn raises blood pressure. Therefore, high magnesium content in baby spinach helps to reduce high blood pressure thus enhances heart health.

4. Weight loss
Research shows that baby spinach is a great weight loss diet. It is packed with essential nutrients and is low in calories. Spinach has a compound known as thylakoid that suppresses appetite thus is great for weight loss. However, a good nutrition is not enough if you want to loose weight quicker. Also ensure you find a comprehensive workout regimen.
Although there are no reported side effects of taking baby spinach, you should put in mind that moderation is important.

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