Benefits Of Ayat Al Kursi

Benefits of Ayat Al Kursi

Ayat Al Kursi refers to a verse in the Holy Quran that is also called the Surah of the Cow. This verse 255 says that there is only one god who is the Eternal, Self-subsisting and Living. No sleep can ever take hold of Him and all the things in heaven and earth are His. Here is a detailed look at some of the benefits of reciting Ayat Al Kursi.

1. Offers protection
Every night that you go to sleep, the recitation of Ayat Al Kursi is highly advisable. It helps to offer you protection from the devil and no harm will come to you until the next morning. That is because Allah will protect you and it He is the Eternal and the one who is responsible for all things in existence. In addition, a person who recites the Ayat Al Kursi every morning is going to be under Allah’s protection until the evening.

2. Increases wealth
If a person ties the Ayat Al Kursi to his children or wealth, they are going to be safe from the harmful effects of Satan. In fact, reciting this particular verse and placing effort in your duties is a great way of completely eliminating poverty. It is believed that frequently reciting Ayat Al Kursi removes any limitations in wealth creation and the person will also never forget the Holy Quran.

3. Calming benefits
When you are alone at home, reciting Ayat Al Kursi will assist in providing you a calming effect and you will no longer be afraid. Furthermore, if recited two times, two groups of Angels are sent by Allah to provide you protection, further calming you.
Since Allah is not affected by our bodily requirements like sleep or hunger, He will always be there to provide assistance when you recite the Ayat Al Kursi.

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