Benefits of awnings

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Benefits of awnings

Awnings are covering structures that act like canopies on the outside walls of houses or buildings. ‘ They are typically placed above windows and doors and are usually made of fabric or vinyl. ‘ Some awnings are also made of aluminum making them more durable and sturdy. ‘ Awnings may also be installed using an automated or electronic system making it easier for the house or building owner to retract them whenever preferred. ‘ People install awnings for the following benefits:

1. ‘ Weather control

Awnings are especially helpful in terms of blocking direct sunlight from entering windows and doors. Whenever people want to have cooler temperatures inside their homes or offices during the summer for example, canopies and awnings are very welcome as they function as effective sunscreens. ‘ Too much bright light may also be avoided by installing awnings at specific locations in a particular building. ‘ This is especially applicable to offices with lots of computer terminals wherein direct sunlight may make it difficult to see the computer screen.

2. Lower electricity bills

By simply not allowing the rays of the sun to pass directly through windows, awnings provide instant relief to air-conditioning units at homes and offices. ‘ With less direct sunlight passing through windows for example, less work will also be needed by air conditioners to cool a particular room. ‘ This simply means that rooms will become cooler with the help of awnings. ‘ This simple scenario could also translate to lower power consumption and ultimately lower electricity bills.

3. Furniture protection

Direct sunlight may cause some furniture to look older with the colors eventually fading. The worse problem is that only a portion of certain furniture may get direct sunlight if the windows are not installed with awnings. ‘ In this particular example, the fading of color on the furniture may only happen on the spot where the sunlight is able to reach.

With all the benefits mentioned above, many people have installed awnings at specific spots in their homes or office buildings. ‘ Some people do it just to protect themselves from too much sunlight while others install them to gain benefits in terms of lower power consumption.

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