Benefits of attachment parenting

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Benefits of attachment parenting

Attachment parenting refers to a style of parenting that literally involves attachment of parents to their offspring. ‘ The process starts even before babies are born and continues to childhood. ‘ This type of parenting was introduced by Dr. William Sears and it usually involves extended breast-feeding and co-sleeping among many other methods. ‘ Attachment type of parenting is generally considered as very gentle parenting and could provide the following benefits:

1. Better child health

Proponents of attachment parenting value breast-feeding so much that many suggest to breast-feed babies up to at least two years of age. ‘ It has been a known fact that breast milk contains the most nutrients that are essential for a baby’s development and with an extended exposure to this type of milk, babies will be more likely to have a better immune system and overall health.

2. Better emotional health

Attachment parenting is said to improve the emotional health of babies. ‘ These babies who are exposed to almost constant care and nurturing will eventually develop a sense of security and will better handle their emotions later in life. ‘ It is also said that children who were exposed to this type of gentle parenting will grow up with stable emotions.

3. Healthier bonds later in life

The emotional and physical bond created by attachment parenting will eventually help babies and children to grow up with better relationships later in life. ‘ It is said that the gentle approach of this type of parenting will also make children become more tolerant and flexible adults.

There are various criticisms though regarding attachment parenting and its proposed caring techniques. ‘ Despite these concerns, proponents of attachment parenting emphasize on the positive impact it could bring to the lives of children and babies later in their lives.

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