Benefits of Atarax

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Benefits of Atarax

Atarax is a brand of drug that is classified as a very potent or first-generation anti-histamine drug. ‘ Its active ingredient is hydroxyzine and requires a medical prescription before any person can take this particular drug. ‘ This drug may also be used along with other drugs like analgesics to maximize its effects. ‘ The following are some of the uses and benefits of Atarax:

1. Allergy alleviation

The main use and benefit of Atarax is as an anti-histamine or anti-allergy agent. ‘ This drug basically functions to attack irritants to the body’s cells. ‘ People who experience severe skin itching due to contact or atopic dermatitis may find relief from Atarax. ‘ Other allergic reactions that may cause dizziness and nausea may also be treated with Atarax.

2. Pain relief

Along with other opiate-based analgesic drugs, Atarax is also a potent pain reliever. ‘ This drug basically maximizes the pain-killing effect of opiate drugs and even tries to prevent some of its side effects which may include getting dizzy and vomiting.

3. Treatment of mild anxiety

People diagnosed with mild levels of anxiety may also undergo treatment with Atarax. ‘ Patients who need sedation may be given with Atarax because this drug is considered non-toxic and is not prone to abuse and dependence. ‘ People with tension problems may also benefit from the sedative and tranquilizing effect of this drug.

As with other anti-histamine drugs, taking Atarax may cause one to be dizzy and sleepy even after several hours from intake. ‘ Some people may also get blurry vision and so many doctors advise that those taking this drug must not drive a vehicle or handle machines that require alertness and full attention. ‘ This drug can also have adverse interactions with other drugs and so it is best to fully discuss with doctors what other drugs one is taking and/or what other medical concerns are being experienced or treated.

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