Benefits Of Asylum

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Benefits of Asylum

Every year, more than 5000 people migrate to the U.S and Europe for fear of persecution on issues related to religion, race, nationality and membership in a political class or social group. After investigations have been carried out, those found in need of protection are granted asylum, which means they are allowed to live in the U.S as refugees.

1. Financial support
Once you arrive in a foreign country seeking asylum, the government in that country has to carry out an investigation to ensure you are eligible. For instance, if you are seeking asylum in Australia you don’t receive any financial support until they determine whether you are eligible or not. Once found eligible, you can receive financial support of up to $400 per fortnight.

2. Permanent residency
After they have established that you are eligible, you are branded a refugee to the state after a highly scrutinized procedure. You are then given permanent citizenship which means you qualify for both health and schooling benefits as those received by the citizens. Nonetheless, the aforementioned benefits are only provided after a thorough and intensive scrutiny to detect fraud.

3. Monetary and health care benefits
Married asylum coupes living in the United Kingdom receive about ‘£65 every week, while single folks get at least ‘£40. Additionally, asylums living in the UK enjoy free housing, education and affordable health care for their family. These benefits are however available only after an extensive investigation to ensure you are eligible.

While more and more asylum seekers trickle in the UK and the Untied States, strict regulations have been imposed to detain those who enter the aforementioned countries illegally. Even after being granted asylum, most people live in fear of detention, destitution or deportation. For this reason, they obey the laws of the country to protect their permanent residency.

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