Benefits Of Army Wife

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Benefits of Army Wife

An army wife gets many benefits because of the military service of their husband. These include monthly allowances, educational benefits and great health services. These advantages are meant for aiding the army wife in the duties of maintaining a good and healthy home. They also enhance the confidence of her husband who is in the army. Below are some benefits of army wife.

1. Health care
All army wives are eligible for the TRICARE coverage program. They get healthcare services for very little or no cost. These services include vaccinations, physicals, medical screenings, dental care, prenatal care and optical care. Furthermore, these benefits extend to their children as well. An army wife gets her treatment at Military facilities, which is supervised by proficient nursing officers and medical officers in the army. The healthcare provided is similar or even better than that in civilian hospitals at a much cheaper cost.

2. Education
Veterans have the opportunity to transfer the education benefits they receive to their spouses and other dependents. However, transferability is only possible if a soldier has served for a period of about ten years. Using this benefit, an army wife can get significant tuition assistance. This refers to monthly cash given for catering for lab fees and books. The army provides education assistance to army wives through making the required payments on any student loans.

3. Travel benefits
An army wife also has the chance of traveling aboard a military aircraft for free with her husband, provided there is some space. The soldier should have a written pass that states that he is on leave. This is an excellent benefit for taking family vacations since you are going to be provided free air travel.
The main demerit associated with being an army wife is that you spend most of the time on your own, especially if your husband is on constant active duty.

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