Benefits Of Army Reserves

Benefits of Army Reserves

People have varied reasons of joining the military: sense of patriotism and better heath care are some of the perks you can get when you join the Army Reserves. Just like the military service, members of the Army Reserve also receive a number of benefits. Typically, members of the Army Reserve work and train near their places of residences, dedicating a few days to field work. Army reserve soldiers are entitled to receive similar benefits as those given to soldiers on active duty.

1. Education benefits
Education benefits typically depend on one’s length of service. Soldiers can enroll for programs that exempt them from deployment until they complete their education, plus tuition reimbursement for scholarship programs. Solders who serve their country more than 6 years can receive student loans and monetary assistance for their upkeep.

2. Medical insurance
Army Reserve soldiers who are either on duty or undergoing training can access affordable medical insurance coverage which extends to their families, not to mention the opportunity to buy life insurance at reduced premiums. Retired Army Reserve members are also eligible for extended medical coverage provided by the Veterans Administration.

3. Access to military facilities
Solders of the Army Reserve also receive access to all military bases worldwide, including recreational facilities such as gym, post and base exchanges, commissaries, gas stations and other amenities.

4. Travel opportunities
Army Reserve soldiers receive many travel opportunities particularly those who are active on deployment. They can be deployed in various parts around the world, as well as Reserves centers. Moreover, the soldiers have the option of either choosing involuntary or voluntary deployment.

5. Better pay
The soldiers receive a paycheck during training and for every day they are on active duty. When they are deployed or activated, they receive subsistence and basic pay allowance.
Joining the Army Reserve is not as easy as you think. Recruits are required to completed rigorous physical exercise.

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