Benefits of Aquafit

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Benefits of Aquafit

Aquafit is a form of resistance training that is used to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. It is one of the most popular types of training since it can be used by anyone regardless of age or current level of physical fitness. Aquafit is also referred to as water aerobics and it has several health benefits.

1. Wide range of options

As people continue to discover the advantages of exercising in water, community centers and pools all over the nation are now offering various specialized classes. For instance, you can use aqua yoga or go for water running. There are also shallow water lessons for people who are not strong swimmers, while pregnant women can make use of specialized classes to assist them remain active during pregnancy.

2. Increases balance

Aquafit assists you to balance out any uneven muscle groups, which is caused by performing repetitive actions. Exercising in water offers equal resistance and thus the body is forced to use all its muscles accordingly. As a result of the balanced muscle action, you can easily achieve overall body fitness since multiple muscles are worked simultaneously. There is always the option of isolating specific muscles if you feel the need to do so.

3. Enhances endurance

Aquafit is highly beneficial in enhancing a person’s endurance, especially if you participate in activities like running, dancing, basketball or football. As a result of water buoyancy, you will easily strengthen your muscles. This workout is also beneficial if you want to attain proper cardiovascular fitness.

4. More comfortable

Aquafit sessions are different from land workout sessions where people feel that it is compulsory to always keep up with instructors. In aquafit, you can exercise at your own pace and thus reduces the risk of falling and hurting yourself.

One drawback of aquafit is that it does not burn very many calories in comparison to other activities. Moreover, the speed of performing movements is reduced greatly due to water resistance.

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