Benefits of Apricots

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Benefits of Apricots

The apricot simply means early matured fruit. It became quite popular due to its fragrance, nutritional value, taste and abundance. The apricot is an important type of fruit that has an acidic taste in it raw state. However, its sugar content increases when it ripens. Apricot is considered as a tonic and nutritious food, enjoying popularity all across the globe. The apricot is classified as a stone fruit and is oblong or round in shape. It is has a similar shape as that of a peach, but considerably smaller. Here are the common benefits of consuming apricots:

1. Reduces skin problems

Apricot contains a great source of carotene, an essential element that helps in reducing skin problems and infections. It is commonly used in its fresh form as desert since it is easier to digest.

2. Colon Health

It consists of essential nutrients, vitamin C, vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and fiber, which are great for colon health. Not to mention the fact that they are healthier fat and calorie wise as compared to other types of fruits.

3. Massaging oil

The apricot oil can also be used in aromatherapy or as oil massage. It has a pleasant smell and calming effect on your skin.

4. Fights bacteria

It has been known to fight against cancer, infection and bacteria due to its ability to reconstruct damaged tissues. They also help improve bone density and maintain proper eyesight as well.

5. Used in cosmetics

Apricots are used for toning the skin. They are very helpful for individuals who are suffering from renal lithiasis, pregnant women, or lack of vitamin A.

On the other hand, apricots are very expensive especially the ones that are of good quality. They also contain sulphur dioxide when you consume them in their dry form. They are very delicate hence bruise quickly when they are ripe.

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