Benefits of Ankle Weights

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Benefits of Ankle Weights

Thinking of shedding some few pounds? Well, making use of ankle weights is very effective and can help you achieve your goal within just a few days. However, make sure you use the right form when exercising to avoid strains and injuries. Walking to shed weight is a low impact cardio workout that you can do at home. The best thing is the fact that you don’t need any expertise or fancy equipment, a set of comfortable shoes and you are set. In addition, walking makes it is easier for you to notice and enjoy the scenery around you. Here are the common benefits of using ankle weights when performing your walking workouts:

1. Burns calories

The most obvious advantage of making use of ankle weights when walking is the fact that they make walking a tougher workout, which helps to burn fat and calories. Basically, you can burn more calories when you walk with ankle weights on a regular basis.

2. Provides muscle stimulation

Wearing ankle weights is effective as it helps to increase muscular stimulation especially on the legs, so this means you are getting effective strength workout besides the cardio vascular aspect of walking.

3. Strengthens lower body

Walking with ankle weights has been known to help in strengthening the lower body, particularly the thighs and leg muscles. Although walking it a low impact cardiovascular workout, it is very effective in toning the lower body. As a suggestion, you can incorporate walking with ankle weights in your workout routine.

4. Increases training intensity

When you feel that you current walking routine seems unchallenging and easy, then you can use ankle weights to increase training intensity rather than increasing you’re walking distance and time.

Walking with ankle weights has its share of disadvantages as well, they cause muscle strain when one uses heavy weights. Ankle weights are also known to cause muscle injuries and strains in the initial stages of the workout especially if you are a newbie.

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