Benefits of Animal Therapy

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Besides the common domestication for labor and food purposes, animals have lots of benefits to offer humans. For instance, maggots and leeches continue to be used in the medical area. Additionally, animal therapy has resulted in a wider animal selection assisting humans through many kinds of temporary and permanent health conditions.

1. Physical help

The most widely used therapy animals are the ones functioning as assistants or aids to both elderly and disabled. Dogs are great companions and organization s continue devoting their resources and time to dog training. Aside from assisting the blind, dogs also aid individuals with wheelchairs and also people with physical or sensory impairments who are currently facing difficulty getting around. Monkeys also provide the same services. Monkeys have an in born intelligence and agility that make them great for reaching very high spots for the desired items.

2. Emotional assistance

Animal therapy is not simply restricted to physical benefits. For those with emotional trauma, having gentle animals present may help reduce the pain. Even though it is not a totally replacement for medication, simply allowing those who have undergone lots of stress to stay with a therapy horse, dog or cat offers a great supplement to regular treatment. For instance, soldiers who have returned from war positively respond to dog exposure. Simply petting and playing with them fills these hurt soldiers with all the energy and endorphins they need for healing. Individuals with autism also find their emotions soothed following horse exposure.

3. Additional benefits

The simple fact of having a pet may offer some additional benefits. For instance, cats assist those with asthma to enhance their respiratory systems and also reduce levels of cholesterol. Aside from relieving the mental anguish linked to various developmental and psychological conditions, keeping a pet makes life less lonely.

Animal therapy can therefore offer lots of benefits as compared to other forms of therapy that ranges from assisting blind people to socializing autistic patients.

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